Though he's become notorious for antagonizing other rappers, Sauce Walka remains a unique figure in Southern rap. His massive personality bleeds into his music and he very rarely holds his tongue, especially when it comes to the guidelines of the streets.

With all this chatter surrounding cooperating with police, Sauce Walka held his own version of a "Paperwork Party." Conceptually, it's confusing but this was a retaliatory move against Blika 100 who put up $20K for Sauce Walka's chain. A day later, he revealed that he managed to get his hands on Sauce Walka's pendent. So, to get back at him, Sauce Walka managed to get his hands on paperwork allegedly revealing that Blika had talked to police after getting robbed by two prostitutes in Las Vegas.

Of course, Sauce Walka went above and beyond to get his point across. The rapper went through the neighborhoods of Houston where he posted the alleged paperwork in various places. "I went to every hood u said 'I CANT GO BACK TO,'" Sauce Walka captioned the post. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the actual party itself went down without a hitch. As the rapper went on Instagram Live broadcasting the event, gun shots allegedly rant out during one point of the evening. From the looks of it, no one was actually harmed but Sauce Walka remained resilient and continued to berate Blika 100 throughout the evening. Check out the posts below.