Seems like Saweetie wants you to "tap in" on Pornhub.  

Saweetie is known for being a beautiful, intelligent fixture in the female rap community. Her brand is centered around the "bougie, pretty girl" aesthetic. So it's no wonder why some may raise their eyebrows and turn up their noses at Sweetie's latest announcement. Although, she is by no means the first rapper to team up with the platform.

The Icy Girl posted about her partnership with the porn-viewing platform on Instagram Tuesday night, donning in a latex catsuit with outrageously dramatized breasts that could very well be used as weapons.

Many fans were disappointed in her for partnering with a porn platform that has been recently linked to child abuse allegations. As we reported, Pornhub was first investigated by advertising partners Mastercard and Visa, after accusations surfaced that the platform hosted underage individuals in its video content, but refused to take action about said complaints. Shortly after the story broke though, they did take action and removed a slew of video content. The company also stated that it will require verification for any video content uploaded to its platform moving forward. Fredo Bang, oddly enough, was apparently not happy with this move.

As far as Saweetie's announcement goes, here's how some people took it on Twitter. Meanwhile, Saweetie is debating her official 'super-hero' name on twitter-- "dick wrangler" appears to be taking the lead in the comments.

Will you be tuning into the Pornhub Awards? Let us know.