In just a few days, dozens of our favorite artists will find out if they're going home with a BET award. Saweetie has been nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist after having a monumental year, and she caught up with Big Tigger to chat about the nomination, her career, and her forthcoming debut studio album, Pretty B*tch Music.

"I'm so excited and hella grateful, so I'm just happy to be here," Saweetie said in a virtual interview. 

Saweetie, Pretty Bitch Music
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

Tigger wanted to know about her upcoming project that was slated for release this week and Saweetie revealed that there is a bit of a delay. "Yes, PBM was supposed to come out this month, but I was really living with it," she said. "And one of my goals is for people to really feel something with every song, so I had to go back and reconstruct some songs. Just know that I'm a perfectionist and it's on the way."

Elsewhere, Saweetie talked about fame and having her every move watched by the public. "The eyeballs, being under a microscope," she said. "Every little thing that you do, someone's report, it can be taken out of context, even Big Tig was saying earlier, Cancel Culture. So, I just feel like, we work so hard to reap the benefits but then, at least for me, I just feel like I'm always being watched and I have to be hyper-aware, and sometimes I feel like I can't even enjoy some of my moments because there's just so much opinions."

Watch Saweetie's interview in full below and make sure to tune into the BET Awards on June 27.