BET's "Rate The Bars" series has been pretty dope thus far, bringing us plenty of hilarious moments of lyrical analysis from Royce Da 5'9", Redman, T.I. and more. Today, the legendary Scarface is the latest rapper to lend his considerable wisdom to the discussion. The Houston icon goes over a wealth of bars, including some from Bun B, Bushwick Bill, Chamillionaire, D.O.C., Immortal Technique, himself, and more. He seems to particularly enjoy Bun B's "Trill Recognize Trill," claiming that Bun's words "sound tough." 

In a surprising turn, he ends up giving Immortal Technique the highest score, after the underground rapper's racially charged "Civil War" bars seemed to strike a chord with him. "More than racism, it's stay-in-your-place-ism," writes Immortal Technique. "More people are trapped in political blackface-ism, so fuck a civil war between the North and the South, it's between field n***as and slaves that are stuck in the house." "That's where I'm at," says Face. "I give it a five."

However, the clip's best moment arises at the end, when Scarface rates the chorus of Lil Pump's infamous "Gucci Gang." In other words, "Gucci Gang" being repeated a dozen times. "I think it's pretty cool," laughs Scarface, citing one of the track's biggest advantages advantages. "Because there's not really a lot to remember when you're on stage...I wanna know what gang this is so I can stay away, that Gucci shit sound kinda hard. Sound like them n***as ain't playin'...On a scale of zero to five I couldn't even rate this because it's just that great. It's just incredible."