Scarface announced a new album in April, Deeply Rooted, so one would think a retirement isn't in the near future for the Houston OG, however while discussing rumors of retirement with DJ Whoo Kid, the rapper confirms it's almost time for him to leave the genre. Face jokes about pulling a Dr. Dre. "It's time to go man," he says.

Hopefully before that time comes, we will at least receive Deeply Rooted, and possibly, fingers crossed, a joint album with another living legend, Nas. While talking to Whoo Kid he says the chances of a Scarface x Nas project are 99.99%.

"I talk to Nas maybe once or twice a month, or maybe more than that. We always talk about doing an album together," Scarface revealed. "We’re probably 99.9999999 it’s gonna happen. But wait, 99.9999999 it can happen, and it probably will happen. But where and who puts that shit out is the debate."

He continued, "Me and Nas are definitely in talks. It’s not even a money thing with it. It’s like some shit that’s got to be done. We’ve been talking about this shit for ten years or more."

Give the audio from the interview a listen below.