One of the biggest fears for a performer while they're on stage is having an unruly attendee interrupt the flow of their planned set. In particular, when crazed fans rush the stage and try to party next to whomever is on the mic, it can be problematic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the safety of the men or women that the concertgoers paid to see. Case in point was Schoolboy Q's performance at this weekend's Rolling Loud music festival in the Bay Area - a set that saw the rapper narrowly avoid what could have been a dangerous encounter with a young man who attended the show.

Born in Germany but someone who grew up in California, Schoolboy Q is a fixture in the West Coast hip-hop community, using his versatile vocal delivery to help build a successful career in the music business. He was greeted by thousands of adoring fans as he took the stage at Rolling Loud, but at one point during his set, things nearly got out of hand. A male concertgoer rushed the stage and tried to get close to the emcee, but security wasn't having any of it. Multiple personnel were quick to react and grab the fan, physically picking him up and escorting him off the stage almost as quickly as he got there in the first place. Q didn't miss a beat, keeping the audience jumping as he spat some fire bars. Check out a video clip of the close encounter of the crazy fan kind below.

Another memorable moment from Schoolboy's appearance at Rolling Loud was his aside about the Lil B brawl that overshadowed much of the first day's performances and grabbed many tabloid headlines over this past weekend. "Thank you muthaf*****s for always supporting me," began Q, during a brief pause in between songs during his set. "This that Cali connection my n****. And always protect Lil B, f**k that bulls**t." Lil B was jumped by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and members of the NYC rapper's crew, with the entire incident getting caught on video. You can read more about that fight here and check out Schoolboy Q's response, courtesy of Revolt TV, below.