This afternoon we were treated with a TDE remix of their newest signee, Isaiah Rashad's "Shot You Down." The track now feels more complete with added verses from ScHoolboy Q and Jay Rock, and the additional hook.

ScHoolboy Q decided to let fans know about Oxymoron on his verse, hinting that it will drop in January. Q's been pressed a lot about the LP and when it'll actually come out, so here he lets off some steam, spitting, "I'm tired of answerin' questions, "why Oxymoron delayed?"/See I was thinking November, but January is sweet."

He added a few bars later, "so January agree, get a taste of this gangsta," which sounds fairly certain that Oxymoron will arrive in January 2014-- as long as there are no more sample clearance issues, which seemed to be the original problem.

Listen to the track below, and check out the full lyrics on GotBars.