We're hours away from the release of ScHoolboy Q's third major label release, CrasH Talk. The project was expected to drop in 2018 but Q revealed that he didn't feel right dropping it following the death of Mac Miller, especially since he knew it would be a common topic that would be brought up during his press run. However, that wasn't the only delay the project faced because of a friend's death. CrasH Talk was initially going to drop last week on the 19th, but following Nipsey's death, Q and his team respectfully pushed it back by a week.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

ScHoolboy Q opened up about the deaths of Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller on L.A. Power 106 with Big Boy. The rapper spoke candidly about Nipsey's death, explaining that no one could've foreshadowed the Crenshaw rapper's murder. Nipsey's death ultimately caused ScHoolboy Q to scrap a video out of respect, saying, "it's just something I wouldn't want to put out there, right now. It's just not a good picture to put out."

Q made it clear that it wasn't about releasing the video or his album. "It just messed up everything. It's not fair, to him, meaning like, F what I'm going through, you know what I'm saying? His family and stuff," he said around.

"I wish people would've actually supported Nipsey the way they're supporting him now. That's how I felt with Mac too. All of a sudden, everybody's Mac fans. It's just like, this is my brother and I remember Mac," he continued. "I was a little offended when Mac died and mad people were like reachin' out and doing all this Mac stuff. I have a lot of respect for Nipsey and their people so it's, like, let them grieve. And I feel like everybody's trying to make it about them."

Peep the interview below.