Kendrick has been reluctant to talk at all about his upcoming projects. We don't even know what progress he's made on a follow-up album, if any. However, Scoop Deville, with DJ Dahi and THC are a little more forthcoming. When speaking to VIBE, Scoop said:

“We’re in the lab right now and we’re creating music,” Scoop Deville says. “I’m working hard on making a sound for [Kendrick] that is definitely going to take him where he needs to be—musically, sonically—the people are going to feel it. That’s what we do it for—we’re not trying to make hit records.”

So, we can at least discern some music is in the works, although the nature of which we're still not too sure. Whatever it may be, color us excited.

Check out the full video, below.