Scott Storch's name still rings bells in certain circles. Though his downfall has been well documented, his rise from the ashes has been impressive to say the least. Now, the storied producer has emerged with a new documentary on his revival,  hitting the press circuit as a result. While you may not immediately put a face to the name, let the resume speak volumes. During the early aughts, Storch was one of the game's hottest producers, coming off a legendary run as Dr. Dre's right hand man; his work can be heard all over 2001's, particularly with regards to the piano arrangements. 

Off the bat, Storch seems to have conquered his demons, and speaks from a place of healing. "People have this perception of me that I'm this douchey dude, messed up on coke, which I was for a while, but I'm not anymore," he says, at the onset. He proceeds to reflect on first linking up with the Aftermath camp, starting around the 14:30 mark.

Charlamagne proceeds to pose an interesting, if slightly disrespectful question about Scott's dynamic with Dre: "people say Dre doesn't do his beats but just takes the credit."  Scott immediately dispels that notion. "Dre is very hands-on," he explains. "He's a very technical dude. I'll see that dude coming into studio with EQs and crazy compressors from the seventies. He programs the beats. All the stuff we did together, he orchestrated." Storch paints Dre as an absolute visionary, and rightly so. 

When Charlamagne asks whether Scott has since rekindled with Dre, perhaps even collaborating on new music, Storch provides a tantalizing response. "We about to," he smirks. "I just talked to him a few days ago."

Suffice it to say, it's nice to have Scott Storch back in the fold. The man's repertoire runs deep.