Due to his status as a former player, there were a ton of questions surrounding Luka Doncic when he entered the league. Some were skeptical of his talent while others felt like he wouldn't be able to match the pace of an NBA game. So far, Doncic has made his doubters look like morons as he continues to put up incredible stats while leading the Mavericks to big wins. Recently, Doncic broke Michael Jordan's record for most consecutive games with 20 points, five points, and five rebounds, with 19.

Ever since breaking this record, Doncic has been receiving comparison to Michael Jordan which has admittedly made him uncomfortable. Recently, TMZ Sports caught up with Jordan's former teammate Scottie Pippen and asked him about the comparisons. As you can imagine, he was pretty dismissive and questioned the cameraman about Doncic's championship pedigree.

"He got six titles yet?" Pippen asked with a smile on his face. Realistically, Pippen makes a great point as Doncic is only in his second season in the league. Doncic has a high talent ceiling although you can't compare him to the greats so early on. His stats are impressive and what he's done with this Mavs team is nothing short of miraculous. There are plenty of ways in which you can give Doncic his flowers without going crazy with the comparisons.

What do you think of these comparisons? Are they premature or can Doncic really achieve that status some day?