Scottie Pippen is highly-regarded as one of the best complementary players to a superstar of all time. Had Pippen been all by himself, he would have been a superstar in his own right however the presence of Michael Jordan is always going to force you to take a backseat. Regardless, Pippen is a top player in the history of the NBA and he should be respected as such. 

Today, however, Pippen received a bit of a shot from fellow ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson. While speaking on Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jefferson claimed that the Greek Freak was more like Pippen and that he needed an MJ to come rescue him from the Bucks. This is a pretty bad take for a plethora of reasons and Pippen didn't miss his chance to dunk on it. Simply put, Scottie decimated Jefferson on the timeline.

"I’m not Giannis—I don’t have back-to-back league MVPs (he will in a matter of days)—and he’s not me. The question is... who were you as a player?" Pippen wrote while adding a laughing emoji.

Jefferson eventually replied to Pipped saying he was more like a Scott Burrell. 

Needless to say, if you're going to come at Scottie, you better not miss.