Now that the NFL playoffs have started, the tension on the field has never been higher. All of the teams left are battling for a spot in the Super Bowl and win the coveted Lombardi trophy. Not only are tensions high on the field, but amongst the fans of all the teams as well. This was never more apparent on Saturday night after the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Seattle Seahawks 24-22.

In a video sent to TMZ, a Seahawks fan tried to take on a group of Cowboys supporters at AT&T field after the game but just like the Seahawks, he lost. According to the person who sent in the video, the fan was heckling the Cowboys fans and then a fight broke out.

The Seahawks fan had a friend who tried to help him out but it still didn't do much as the Seattle supporter was easily outnumbered and defeated. It must have been a long trip back to Seattle for those fans.

Thanks to Dallas' win, they will go on to play the Los Angeles Rams next week in the NFC Divisional Round.