Shocking reports emerged this week that Migos jumped Sean Kingston outside Las Vegas' Sands Expo & Convention Center. In a new interview with Las Vegas CBS affiliate 8 News Now, Kingston confirmed that Migos jumped him and offered his side of the story.

"You see my face, there was no beat down, it was none of that," Kingston said.  "It was a jump, but it wasn't a JUMP. You get what I'm saying," 

“They Facetimed me, ‘Yo come outside. Let’s talk like men. I miss you. Let’s chop it up.’” he continued. “As soon as I went outside it was no talking. They just started jumping on me, throwing punches. I didn’t have a chance to put my set up, I didn’t have a chance to do nothing.” 

Joining Kingston during the interview was his friend Moises "Bo Jack" Johnson, who is facing three felony counts for allegedly firing a warning shot into the air to get Migos off his friend. “He held the situation down,” Kingston said. “He wasn’t trying to hurt nobody. He wasn’t trying to do anything.”

Kingston theorized that the Migos targeted him because of his relationship with Soulja Boy, who instigated a beef with Quavo late last year.

"It was very shocking because no matter what goes on it is kind of like I've been to their house they've been to my house," he said. "My mom has cooked for them. We don't do industry friends. It's either you're rocking with us or you ain't rocking with us -- period."