Last week we reported on 25-year old Jason McWilliams turning himself in for the murder of Hustle Gang's rapper Doe B. The December 28th shooting, which took place at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill in Doe B's hometown of Montgomery, Albama, not only resulted in the death of Doe B, but a woman named Kimberle Johnson was also fatally shot, while six others were wounded.

Now there is news of a second shooter turning himself over to the cops. Authorities say that Montgomery resident Darius Thomas, aged 25, turned himself in Wednesday night and was charged with two counts capital murder.

Thomas, along with McWilliams, are being held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Facility. See pictures of both suspects in the gallery above.

Funeral services for both Kimberle Johnson and Doe B will be held Saturday at E.G. Cummings Memorial Funeral Home on 1120 Bragg St. Johnson's service is at 10 A.M. while Doe B's follows at 2 P.M.

Listen to T.I.'s recent tribute to his signee below.

[Update: Third Victim Dies]

The shooting which killed Doe B and Kimberle Johnson, and injured six has claimed another life. 

A 20-year-old man by the name of Tim Hamilton died from his gunshot wounds yesterday in hospital. 

Darius Thomas and Jason McWilliams have already been charged with two counts of capital murder. This will now be the third death they are responsible for.

The assailants are currently being held at the Montgomery County Detention facility without bond.