June 18th, 3 days ago, marked the 1 year anniversary of our beloved Triple X. Since his passing, his art has taken off even further with "SAD!" reaching one billion streams and several posthumous albums being introduced to us. Fans patiently await his next body of work to be presented alongside a documentary on his life, but they can't help but grieve the talented young artist gone too soon, as if he had just left us yesterday. and while his friend and fellow rapper Lil Pump commemorated the occasion by bumping X's "Revenge" and allowing the tears to fallfans flooded his gravesite to pay their respects.

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

TMZ reports that there were a ton of people that flooded Boca Raton Memorial Park - where X is buried. A mausoleum was built for his burial and his family went inside, (where the public wasn't allowed) shutting the doors for a moment of privacy. Now, Rap Current (where you can also see a picture of the grave with the camera installed) reports that a single security camera has been installed at the top of X's grave due to alleged vandalism. X's mama, Cleo, reportedly had the camera installed prior the 1 year mark, in an attempt to take all the necessary precautious measures to ensure that there wasn't any further vandalism at the grave. The family was being extra cautious in making sure some overzealous fan didn't try to pay tribute to the late rapper in any way which they would not appreciate.