Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are clearly on great terms. The duo who dated on and off for three years where they finally ended things in 2014 have been spotted hanging out three times now in the past few weeks. 

Sources reveal to E! that the two have been spending some time together ever since Selena had her kidney transplant surgery. Another source tells the publication that Justin spent time at her Los Angeles home last week where he stayed until the later hours of the night. 

On their recent hangout, the "Sorry" singer and the "Spring Breakers" actress were spotted grabbing breakfast yesterday morning in Westlake Village, followed by a Church visit. 

The hype on these two hanging may be an overreach as Selena is still in a relationship with Abel, A.K.A The Weeknd, and have been dating for some time now. Justin and Selena can very well be two old friends catching up. 

Speaking of The Weeknd, as we posted yesterday, the singer may not be pleased with one of his hometown homies, Drake

After reports hit the web claiming that Drake is dating The Weeknd's ex-girlfriend, Bell Hadid, The Weeknd is apparently a bit salty, considering they run in the same circle and have some of the same crew. A report claims that Bella and Drake have been "secretly dating" since June, and him throwing her a birthday bash for all her friends and family added more fuel to the rumours. Bella's Mom, Yolanda Foster, didn't do much to reject the gossip on a recent visit to Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

"There are rumours that Bella is dating Drake, is that true?" Andy asked Yolanda.

"What are we… this is like… they’re friends..." Yolanda replied, clearly taken back by the question. "He threw her a big 21st birthday party last night," Andy continued, to which Yolanda replied, "He did? Really?"