Seth Rogen hasn’t exactly been keeping his feelings about President Donald Trump to himself lately (or ever). Just take a look at this Twitter timeline. However, he’s recently discovered a new tactic for making his displeasure with the new administration known; DMing Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

Starting yesterday, Rogen publicly noticed that Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter. What began as a simple tweet has escalated into a series of DMs that, while cathartic for anti-Trump activists, are starting to look as desperate as Chad Kelly’s failed DM messages to Mia Khalifa. Check out the series of message below, which ask Donald Trump Jr. to ask his dad to step down as president and investigate connections with Russia.

This definitely isn’t what Yo Gotti meant by things going down in the DM, but here we are. Trump Jr. hasn’t responded, and we don’t expect him to. He’s currently overseeing all of his father’s Trump Organization businesses to prevent conflicts of interest for the president.