You may have never heard of him, but apparently he has the ear of Paul Rosenberg and Eminem. A songwriter and producer by the name of Astray signed with Shady Music Publishing/Universal Music Group Publishing, as announced on twitter by Eminem's manager and the artist himself.

Astray made a point to say that he is not signed to Eminem's label, Shady Records, just his publishing platform. Paul Rosenberg welcomed him to SMP as a "writer," and it's being reported that he'll work with Eminem on songs. The Michigan native reportedly started as an intern at Em's 54 Sound recording studio.

Astray expressed his excitement on Facebook, writing, "After countless meetings, conference calls, and contract drafts, it is finally 100% official. I am extremely pleased/blessed/thankful to say that I just signed a deal with SHADY MUSIC PUBLISHING/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!! I am very excited to be working with these two titans in the music industry and can’t wait to show you what we do from here!!"

Check out the tweets from Paul and Astray below, and a song from his Soundcloud page to get familiar.