Bronny James Jr. was the talk of social media just last week after he was seen going to prom with a white girl from his high school. For some reason, the internet was up in arms over this, however, fans eventually banded together to defend Bronny from the vitriol that had been sent his way. 

As you can see in the photos below, Bronny looked extremely happy to be at his prom, and it is a true shame that some people tried to diminish that happiness by being absolutely miserable. 

Recently, TMZ caught up with Shannon Sharpe where they asked him about the entire ordeal. As you can see down below, Sharpe finds this all to be quite ridiculous, as Bronny should be allowed to live his own life all while dating who he pleases, regardless of race.

"People would rather you be miserable with someone your own race than you be in love with someone of a different race," Sharpe said. "It is so utterly ridiculous. People need to get a life. Bronny can't live his life for someone else. He has to live for him. And, far too many people live their life for other people."

At this point, it is clear that the critics are simply a very vocal minority. Hopefully, Bronny ignores the noise and continues to live his life however he wants to.