Back in the late 2000s, Dwight Howard was seen as the man who would dethrone Shaq as the NBA's best center. Of course, Shaq was on the decline while Howard was carrying the Orlando Magic. Shaq never gave his seal of approval to Howard and instead, they were embroiled in a pretty nasty feud. These days, Shaq has a lot nicer things to say about Dwight but he still hits him with some slander every now and then.

Recently, Shaq joined Ro Parrish on NBA TV where they played a game of "start, bench, cut." Shaq was given three options, including LeBron James, Yao Ming, and Dwight. As one would imagine, Shaq chose to start LeBron but he ended up making the controversial choice to cut Howard and put Yao Ming on the bench.

Howard has accomplished a lot more in his career than Yao Ming has so for Shaq to pick the Rockets star over Howard, is insulting, to say the least. Regardless, it's not a surprising slight when you think about all of the bad blood they had over the years. If Shaq is ever presented with an opportunity to make fun of Dwight, he's going to take it and make no mistake.

When presented with these three players, let us know who you would start, bench, or cut.