Shaq has had a pretty great life since retiring from the NBA. Of course, the big man can be seen on TNT's Inside the NBA where he has a longstanding feud with Charles Barkley. Besides that, Shaq has been part of a plethora of ventures, including being a DJ. Shaq's moniker is DJ Diesel and he's been known to pop up at various different nightclubs to get off a set for some adoring fans. Over the weekend, Shaq did just that, this time at the Celine nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

At the end of the set, Shaq seemed to be feeling himself quite a bit and decided to jump into the crowd to be a part of the moshpit, according to TMZ. Yes, that's right, at 7'1" and over 300 pounds, Shaq decided it would be smart to get himself immersed into the crowd. 

Everyone at Celine seemed to love it as they all jumped up and down around him as the music kept bumping in the back. You can see members of the crowd hanging off of him as Shaq is loving every single second of it.

We're sure his recent performance was a lot more fun than having to battle Barkley on a nightly basis, although they're both just as entertaining to the viewers at home.