Shaqtin A Fool Ft. JR Smith, Dwight Howard + More

Kyle Rooney
December 02, 2016 11:48

Bad passes, travels, and flops galore.

We had a clear cut winner in this week's edition of "Shaqtin A Fool" and his name is Earl "JR" Smith. For those of you who might've missed it, earlier this week JR decided to dap it up with Milwaukee's Jason Terry during the game, leaving the rest of his teammates out to dry on defense. 

He later explained the situation by saying he "didn't know he was in the game." JR gonna JR, even if he's got some championship hardware. 

Elsewhere in this week's edition of Shaqtin, we saw Marcus Smart riding one of his teammates like a mechanical bull, plenty of ridiculous traveling violations that went uncalled and some OUTRAGEOUS passes from Dwight Howard and Kevin Love.

On second though, maybe JR wasn't a clear cut winner.

And of course, another appearance by Shaqtin MVP JaVale McGee.

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