Shaun King is one of the most unapologetic activists in the world. He is loud in his effort to combat injustice, calling out white privilege and collecting funds for the families of people affected by police brutality, racist attacks, and more. Most recently, Shaun King was fighting for justice after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, sharing his story on social media and urging people to stay woke. He also posted about George Floyd, the man that was killed by Minneapolis Police this week.

This week, a startling article was published via The Daily Beast, questioning where the money he raises actually goes. After people read through and did additional research, the supposed truth about King became public knowledge and, as a result, he is being canceled on Twitter.

People are beginning to share their own horror stories about the activist, calling him out and urging him to respond to this scandal. 

As of now, King said that he would soon be addressing the article, noting that he was on the way to be with his mother, who just had emergency surgery.

"So much blatant misinformation," he wrote. "I'll reply when I can."

What do you think of this developing situation? Check out some of the tweets below.