A walk down Love & Hip Hop Atlanta memory lane with Shay Johnson had the reality star sharing a bit of background information about her former flame Lil Scrappy. The 36-year-old television personality began her reality TV journey when she was a cast member on Flavor of Love back in 2006. She may not have won the heart of Flavor Flav, but 14 years later, she's now a featured cast member on Love & Hip Hop Miami.

Shay Johnson Lil Scrappy
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Prior to joining the Sunshine State's cast, Shay was introduced to the franchise as the girlfriend of Lil Scrappy back in 2012. The relationship was two parts of a love triangle that included Erica Dixon, the mother of Scrappy's daughter. Recently, VH1 producers sat down with Shay and had her watch her first scenes on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to get her reactions to her first appearance.

"Y'all brought that old thing back," Shay said. As she watched, she struggled through continuing on because she said she was "so over this moment." She called Scrappy an "ass wipe" and a "piece of sh*t," but said after the cameras left that day way back when, she and Scrappy "did the nasty." However, Shay made it clear that she's "over that man."

"That was the first time I got all the lies and the bullsh*t because I didn't know what was going on," Shay stated. "He was feeding me lies and bullsh*t. And what you don't know is that I am the one that got Lil Scrappy on Love & Hip Hop. If it wasn't for me, he would not have been on there. You're welcome." She said that her manager received information that the show was making its way to the ATL and looking for new cast members, and at the time she and Scrappy were an item after he split from Erica and Shay left her abusive relationship.

She claims that she got an interview with production first and mentioned him, then later gave Scrappy the news and advised him to meet with VH1 as well. "What I didn't know is, he came in with his mama, his baby mama, brought his daughter on, and I had no idea until the show aired," said Shay. "And made the decision to tell them it's either Shay Johnson or his baby mama to be the main character. He was like, 'Well, make my baby mama the main character so I can get off child support.' Can you believe that? I put a check on you, money in your pocket, you got bands because of me and you X out my position?" Watch Shay Johnson share her story about Lil Scrappy below.