Being an MC comes with the implication of self-proclaimed greatness. Sheck Wes has no qualms about posting up in such a stance. The Harlem rapper is being hailed as the next best thing to come from the city by no other than G.O.O.D. Music's Kanye West. So when the rising star speaks the following words, you best believe he means it: 

“A lot of n****s are popping nowadays because of the beats,” He told Pitchfork, “That’s why producers walk around with all this ice on them, because they the real stars. No shade, and shout out to Lil Pump, but on a track like ‘Gucci Gang’ he’s not really saying much. ‘Live Sheck Wes’ is the same type of song as [‘Gucci Gang’]: One verse and the hook, and the song is over with. But the lyrics [in my song are] real! That’s why n****s fuck with it. That’s why older n****s respect my shit more. A n***a like J. Cole should never come for me! I would rap battle with J. Cole, I would diss the fuck out of that n***a. I’d diss Drake, all these n****s. Kanye, I don’t care. I been in a room with all the Migos and out-rapped n****s."

Sheck Wes will be on the road with Pusha T and Valee for this summer's "Daytona" tour. His album Mudboy is set for a spring release.