The G.O.O.D Music label is home to some of the most revered and celebrated artists in music right now. Earlier this year, they signed two new artists to their label, Sheck Wes and Valee. Sheck Wes has been bubbling up with his single, "Mo Bamba" which is currently climbing up the Billboard Hot 100. With his debut album on the way, Sheck Wes took to Twitter to air out some of his frustrations in the music industry.

Sheck Wes may have signed to Kanye West's label but it seems as if the G.O.O.D Music founder hasn't been as involved in the "Mo Bamba" rapper's career as much as he'd like.

"I wish Kanye was more involved in my career . Idk wtf he getting into," he wrote on Twitter.

Despite what he feels is the lack of guidance from Ye, he's still optimistic about the release of his forthcoming album, Mudboy. The rapper revealed that he recorded his new album on his own.

"Man when Mudboy comes out then everything will make more sense," he wrote. "Mo Bamba was out last year i never gave up on that songs energy . And i recorded my album dolo. I just care about everybody though."

He added, "Tbh though i stay away and isolate myself, I haven’t linked your other fav people because I’m too genuine for fake friendships and relationships and someone just wanting pc."

Peep his tweets below.