Last night, J. Cole brought "real bars" back in style with a new track aimed at Kanye West, "False Prophets," which was included in his new Tidal documentary in support of his upcoming album. It seems that Cole's lyrical showmanship has inspired the return of the God emcee: Shia LaBeouf. 

After showing off his rapping skills last month with a "Five Fingers of Death" freestyle on "Sway in the Morning," LaBeouf has sent another freestyle to Charlamagne Tha God of Power 105.1. The freestyle was meant for Charlamagne's podcast, though it was so exemplary that he decided to drop it on The Breakfast Club this morning. Whereas thinly-veiled disses are commonplace these days, LaBeouf names his targets and seeks to draw blood.

The majority of his freestyle, delivered over an elementary YouTube beat, is directed at HOT 97 host Peter Rosenberg as well as Lil Yachty. LaBeouf had taken shots at Yachty on Sway, and Rosenberg had dissed LaBeouf's rapping abilities during an on-air "Thanksgiving" freestyle of his own. 

He begins the new voicemail freestyle by rapping, "Rosenberg's the oldest turd, he knows he's dirt / Chasing relevance, holes in shirt." He later calls the Jewish radio personality "faker than Drake's Jamaican accent," and follows with, "Old as fuck dog, you're past tense." 

After focusing on Rosenberg for about half the track, LaBeouf moves on to the "Nautica Boy" commonly known as Lil Yachty. He even drops Yachty's government name, Miles McCollum. "This a murder, this is tragedy, man / He's like Lil' Romeo meets Raggedy Ann," raps the star of the new film "Man Down." As is necessary for a classic freestyle, LaBeouf ends in acapella. Listen below.