Every year there are stories of Black Friday gone wrong: people being trampled in mad rushes to get the last cheap PS4, getting stuck in a crowded Wal Mart for hours or even people getting dehydrated while camped out waiting for a store to open. However, in Alabama last night, an argument in a mall escalated into much more than a cute Black Friday blunder.

It started with two men (one 21, the other 18) having an argument in the Riverside Galleria, a mall in the suburb of Hoover, just outside Birmingham. The 21-year-old, in response to what we don't know, pulled out a gun and shot the 18-year-old twice in the chest. The mall cop on duty last night also turned out to be a cop cop who was armed and shot the assailant while he was fleeing. In the chaos, a 12-year-old girl was shot as well, but is apparently going to be alright after being operated on. It's unclear who fired the bullet that hit her: the cop or the 21-year-old. 

A video, below, shows the chaotic moments after the gunshots, as shoppers book it for the door, believing it to be another of the mass shootings that occur so often in the US.