Sisqó is preparing to take legal action against a man who allegedly dressed up as him and was able to gain access to some of the hottest shows, including those put on by Philipp Plein, Vivienne Tam (pictured above), and Kanye West, at New York Fashion Week.

The imposter apparently ruffled a lot of feathers while pretending to be the "Thong Song" creator. Sisqó decided to get his lawyers involved upon hearing of the damage that was wreaked in his name. 

While at NYFW, it seems the imposter was able to book a Bat Mitzvah gig. He boarded a New Yorker's private jet in order to fly to the coming-of-age party, and that's when he was outed as a fake, as customs officers took his passport and found that it did not match the real identity of the Def Soul artist whom he purported to be. 

Hearing about the "distraught little girl" compelled Sisqó to consider pressing charges. "You know, you got this 13-year-old little girl who's thinking that I'm gonna come perform live at her Bat Mitzvah," he said on a video call to TMZ, "and that's when I was like, 'OK, you know what, we need to take this a little seriously. So now we're taking legal action." 

Sisqó also alleges that the imposter jeopardized the reputations of the NYFW security officers and stylists who allowed him into the exclusive events, some of whom have apparently lost their jobs.