The Slump God's stock is on the rise. Despite somewhat of a botched rollout for his recent mixtape Beware The Book Of Eli, Ski Mask found himself on the receiving end of a hip-hop honor, holding it down on the 2018 XXL Freshman Class. If that wasn't honor enough, Ski Mask happened to chop it up with Nardwuar The Human Serviette during the Breakout Festival in Vancouver, who had some kind words for the Canadian people. "The weed out here is fucking amazing," said Ski, wearing his heart firmly on sleeve. 

While Nardwuar recently spent time interviewing Lil Pump, Ski Mask is the polar opposite; polite, eloquent, and seemingly interested in the questions. Upon receiving a rare Busta Rhymes vinyl, Ski proceeds to reflect on his relationship with Bus-a-Bus. "There's wild stories I wouldn't want to put to the public," says Ski. "He's just been giving me advice on life and music, Busta's a really cool dude." Proving that he's somewhat of an old soul, Ski follows up by marveling at having worked with Timbaland, even if it was apparently hard to win him over. "At first his children loved me," admits Ski, "and I  sort of had to remix his shit instead of getting a beat from him. And then he came to me like 'my children love you, fuck it, let's get in the studio."

As the conversation progresses, Nardwuar's extensive researching skills seem to simultaneously scare and impress Ski Mas. "This n***a knows a lot about me," says Ski, after Nardwuar details his ideal diet. "You're fucking lit," he says. "I fuck with you bro."