Ski Mask the Slump God has been pegged as the face of the new collaborative project between Undefeated and Bape, which features co-branded camouflage gear. 

Bape recently released imagery from the upcoming collab in which Ski Mask can be seen rocking both green and purple camo iterations of BAPE’s M65 jacket. Both pieces feature stenciled “BAPE” and “UNDEFEATED” branding written on the outside of the zippered placket.

The collection also includes matching hoodies and sweatpants, several t-shirts stamped with both brands' logos, co-branded cargo pants and sweats. The M65 Jacket will reportedly be the most expensive item, retailing $679. The pullover hoodies will cost around $329, the t-shirts will go for an astounding $115, and the sweatpants will run you $289.

The full collection will be available on Saturday, March 3 at select BAPE stores in Japan as well as UNDEFEATED stores in the U.S. Take a closer look at some of the pieces below, and visit BAPE’s site for more details.