When Baker Mayfield was drafted by the Cleveland Browns about three seasons ago, there were fans who felt like the Browns were finally on the edge of success. For the most part, Mayfield was great in his rookie season and instilled hope in Browns fans who haven't had a reason to be happy in years. Unfortunately, his second season in the league left a lot to be desired as Mayfield was below average amongst his peers.

This season has been a different story for the Browns who came into their match against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 4-1 record. With an opportunity to move past the Steelers in the standings, Mayfield came up short as he threw two interceptions in a blowout loss.

Today on FS1's Undisputed, Skip Bayless opted to roast Mayfield for the performance, stating that he feels as though Mayfield is better at doing advertisements on TV than he is at being a quarterback.

"I cannot turn on my TV without seeing 20 straight Baker Mayfield commercials," Bayless said. "He's in danger of making better commercials than plays in a football game. This was a stinker."

If you've been watching games on TV, you've probably noticed how Mayfield's Hulu commercials are on at every single ad break. With this in mind, it's easy to see why Bayless would say something like this, although we're sure Mayfield wouldn't appreciate the take. The Browns quarterback has gotten into it with Colin Cowherd in the past, which could lead to a feud with Bayless.

As for the Browns moving forward, they still have a fairly decent shot at the postseason, despite Sunday's loss.