Skip Bayless has a hatred for LeBron James that isn't exactly justified. The only real reason why Skip could hate LeBron that much is for clout and attention. Luckily for Bayless, it works very well for him. The man has been known as a LeBron hater for years and his anti-James rants always seem to go viral on Twitter. One thing that Bayless loves to harp on is LeBron's failures in the playoffs, particularly in 2011 when he had a horrible NBA Finals series against the Dallas Mavericks.

Today on Undisputed, Bayless went on a full seven-minute rant about LeBron's failures and Shannon Sharpe wasn't having any of it. Skip decided to make a list of everything LeBron has done wrong and it was quite eye-roll inducing.

"2013: He LeBricks a 3, rebound out to Bosh, who kicks it in the corner to Ray Allen. It's one shot for LeBron's NBA Finals life. 2 years before in 2011, LeBron suffered the all-time meltdown in a Finals," Bayless said.

It's bizarre to see someone be so negative especially when we are in the midst of a pandemic. Humanity seems to be at the top of everyone's but when it comes to Bayless, LeBron seems to be living rent-free at the top of his thoughts.

Hopefully, when this pandemic is over, Skip begins to see the error of his ways.