New details are emerging in the case of Slim 400's recent shooting. The 31-year-old rapper was shot a reported eight to ten times on Friday by unknown assailants in the Compton area of Los Angeles. His family issued a statement that reads: “After multiple surgeries, Slim is resting. He is in critical but stable condition and we are truly thankful for that. Slim’s family and friends remain by his side and greatly appreciate the continued prayers and support. He is a family man, a father, a community man, and a uniquely talented artist with a greater purpose. Slim[‘]s family is overwhelming[ly] thankful for every call, every positive thought, and every prayer.”

TMZ is now reporting that at the time of the shooting, Slim was on the phone with his Ice Watar label business partner, Mud Dollaz. The rapper was hanging out on a block he frequently spends time at when Mud reportedly called Slim because he was waiting on him at the studio. While they were speaking, Mud heard Slim say, "Oh sh*t," before a number of gunshots rang out.

Mud knew that Slim had been hit because the next voice he heard was a woman attempting to comfort Slim. TMZ claims to have spoken to witnesses who tell them that a passing black vehicle began firing at Slim. Then, the vehicle stops and multiple people wearing masks jumped out and shot the rapper a few more times before they returned to the vehicle and sped off. Miraculously, Slim is expected to make a full recovery.