The hip-hop community in the West Coast was struck with terrible news in late June. Slim 400, a close affiliate of YG, was in critical condition after he was shot numerous times in Compton. He was placed in the intensive care unit where his team revealed that he was in stable condition. However, things are looking better for Slim 400 as he's reportedly been taken out of the intensive care unit, TMZ reports. Although he's in stable condition now, he will still have to stay in the hospital until he recovers. He's already gone through four surgeries so far. 

Details about the shooting emerged a few days ago. Slim 400 was clearly targeted but no suspects have been apprehended just yet. Eyewitnesses said that the rapper was hit in a drive-by shooting and the people who ambushed him weren't just trying to hit him, but kill him. After spraying bullets out of the vehicle, witnesses claimed that several masked men hopped out of the car and proceeded to fire more shots at Slim 400 before hopping back into their vehicle and speeding off. The men's faces were covered with masks so it's making it even more difficult to identify who the shooters were.

YG has reportedly visited Slim 400 in the hospital since the shooting. We're keeping Slim 400 and his family in other thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery.