Many Instagram users were pleased after the social media platform eliminated the ability to see what posts others "liked," but that hasn't made people any less cautious about double-tapping. Slim Thug isn't worried about who may judge him for getting flirtatious on the Gram, and he released a PSA video to his page to clear up any misconceptions about his heart emojis on random women's pictures.

"Oftentimes, I get accused of being thirsty on Instagram. Why am I getting accused of being thirsty? Because I tend to like pictures that I like," said Slim Thug. "I comment when I feel like I need to. People tend to think I'm thirsty for this. I'll say I'm the realest dude on Instagram and all y'all fake." He then called out people who hold themselves back from "liking" social media pictures because they don't want to come across as being "thirsty." 

"You gotta answer to your b*tch like a b*tch," Thug added. "I'm a boss. I don't answer to no b*tch. I don't give a f*ck, b*tch. If the b*tch fine, I'm liking the picture. If I think she fine, I'm gon' put heart eyes under. I don't bow down to no b*tch, ever. I'm gon' always be the man in the relationship and the b*tch is gon' bow down to me, period."

He went on to criticize men who "let the girls be the men now" and called them "soft ass n*ggas." Slim Thug added, "The b*tch can say whatever the f*ck she wanna say and get mad if she wanna get mad, and I don't give a f*ck! 'Cause I'm the man and I can do what the f*ck I wanna do." Check out Slim's full video below.

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