Slim Thug's "Cali" Lauds His Favorite Weed

Devin Ch
April 21, 2018 11:19

Slim Thug delivers visuals for "Cali."

Slim Thug recreates the good old "stoned soul picnic" in his video for "Cali." The record has been out for a minute but Thugga held out for 4/20. "Cali" beckons to widely held beliefs about The West Coast. You know, the relaxed individual with little or no concern for time or punctuality. Although Thugga has been a flamboyant character in the past, his shelf life is that of a more "relaxed" individual.

In "Cali," friends pass around a swisher. The group creates a revolving production line, with Slim Thug taking his place on the sofa. While seated, Thugga delivers his verse semi-consciously, the cookies setting off a series of mild hallucinations. The video is stylized in a way that fashions itself after the YoMTV Raps era. There are intervals in which the stoners zone out and enter their bubble state.

The World is Yours
has been out since December, give it a rundown if you haven't already.

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