It's not uncommon for rappers to claim they're one of the best, if not the best, in the game. It's part of hip-hop's competitive spirit that keeps the craft alive. However, anyone who claims to be the best must be able to back it up. Smokepurpp recently got on the 'Gram to claim a position as one of the top 10 artists ever.

Smokepurpp has made some bold claims in the past regarding his artistry and impact in music, but today, he wants everyone to know that he stands among the GOATs. The rapper shared a photo of himself brushing his teeth with the caption, "HEYYYYYYY if your reading thing PURPP IS TOP 10 ARTIST EVER : A FACT."  

Back in July, Purpp made some equally bold claims when he dubbed himself "the Kanye West of the next generation." Shortly after, he, alongside Lil Pump and BlocBoy JB, said that they helped change hip-hop, which isn't false. Over the past few years, Purpp and Pump have been at the forefront of the new wave of rappers and helped shine a light on "Soundcloud rap."

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images 

Smokepurpp is currently on the road with DJ Carnage and Gucci Mane for the "Usual Suspects" tour which kicked off earlier this month in St. Paul, MN. The tour has already hit cities like Chicago, Brooklyn, and Washington. The tour is set to conclude in San Francisco on Dec. 7.