SmokePurpp Details "God Bud" Weed Strain On "How To Roll"

Mitch Findlay
September 28, 2017 14:17

With "DEADSTAR" on the way, SmokePurpp breaks down his take on the art of Backwoods rolling.

In the latest installment of our original "How To Roll" series, we sat down with SmokePurpp in order to see how the young rapper rolled up a Backwoods. It quickly became evident that Purpp's name was an appropriate moniker, when he revealed that he was smoking half an ounce a day. Since he discovered smoking at the age of thirteen, Purpp clearly developed a fondness for the herb, and it's clear from the interview that the DEADSTAR rapper has rolled his fair share of blunts.

 "There's no wrong way to roll weed," says SmokePurpp, "if it smokes and you're getting high, it's working." Despite that preface, Purpp reveals that there are multiple ways to roll one up - the "nice way," and the other way, which he dubs "the other right way." He makes sure to specify that the "nice way" is best reserved for parties, social gatherings, and especially when any impressionable ladies are around. After taking a few hits of his "nice joint," it's clear that Purpp is feeling the effects, as his eyes take on the classic droop of the definitively stoned. Still, he pushes on, rolling up a second, and admittedly "nastier" Backwoods. This time, he neglects the finer points of visual aesthetic, prioritizing speed over looks.

When asked how much weed is filling up his usual blunt, Purpp claims to be contributing two or three grams to each effort. In other words, big-ass blunts. It's no wonder he named himself SmokePurpp, and his face lights up when he reveals his favorite strains: "Strawberry-Banana Sherbert, "Gelato," & "God Bud." The latter, comes with a disclaimer from Purpp, who warns users not to get nervous while smoking it, especially if there are people around. 

Check out the video in full, and stay tuned for DEADSTAR, dropping tomorrow (September 29th). 

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