Their come-up was nearly simultaneous and both Smokepurpp and Lil Pump have made a significant impact on the game in their short careers. The two made the XXL Freshman list this year, claiming that they changed hip-hop through their inclusions in the game. Fans have debated whether the change is for better or for worse but you can't deny that each of the two has steadily been improving throughout the year. Both Purpp and Pump have been critiqued heavily for their lack of lyrical ability but both parties, Pump especially, has been picking up the slack in their recent tracks. While they may not be lyrical geniuses, they are making an effort to appeal to a larger crowd. 

Earlier this week, Lil Pump told his fans he was headed to jail for the next few months after violating his probation. The artist was working with his buddy Purpp on a joint mixtape and unless it has already been completed, it looks like the fans will need to wait a little longer for it. With some fans happy to see the 18-year-old locked up for the next little while as they won't have to witness his ridiculous antics, others are devastated. Smokepurpp identifies with the latter crowd.

He posted a photo of the duo holding up stacks of cash, writing in the caption how much he misses his friend. "FREE MY FUCKING BROTHER," wrote Purpp next to a crying emoji. Purpp is also working on finalizing his Deadstar 2 project, which is likely to be released soon thanks to Pump's unfortunate news.