We've been posting about a lot of rapper's who pay a visit to GQ's Insane Jewelry Collection series but never has an artist invited their jeweler to the set to buy new pieces. That's all changed for the latest episode when Smokepurpp not only shows off his $275,000 collection of shiny pieces but also invites his jeweler Johnny Avianne of Avianne & Co to purchase even more luxurious accessories. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

Before things get started, the "Do Not Disturb" rapper detailed how he's lost jewelry before...as in he put it in his safe and he can't remember the code. His biggest show-off is his Cuban link on his neck (as seen in the cover photo) that runs for $125,000-130,000 USD. When Johnny makes his way on set, the rapper purchases another chain, ring, and bracelet. 

As for the piece that really caught Smoke's attention, it's none other than another Cuban link with one side boasting white diamonds and the other side with yellow diamonds. The pendant that hangs on the chain is a custom Jesus head and Smoke drops a cool $100,000 for the "solid" accessory.

Watch the full episode below.