Snoh Aalegra is one of the most angelic voices gracing R&B at the moment. I'm sure the Swedish-Iranian singer was on many people's wishlist of artists to appear on NPR Tiny Desk and that dream has now become a reality. Her songs conjure the kind of intimate atmosphere that would obviously translate well to the series' stripped-back performances. 

Snoh Aalegra NPR Tiny Desk concert Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Watching her perform her velvety tracks, her singing appears just as effortless as it sounds. Her Tiny Desk setlist mostly consisted of cuts from her 2019 sophomore album, - Ugh, those feels again, which propelled her closer to stardom and earned her Swedish Grammy nominations. From that project, she performed "Love Like That", "I Want You Around", "Find Someone Like You" and "Woah", which received a remixing by Pharrell last week. She dove further back into her catalog for "Fool For You" from her 2017 debut. This song attracted much love through her appearance on the "COLORS" web series

Snoh Aalegra remains a favorite on our R&B-centric Spotify playlist, "R&B Season", which is updated weekly with new releases and throwbacks that fit the calming vibe. You can listen and subscribe to that here


  • "Love Like That"
  • "I Want You Around"
  • "Whoa"
  • "Fool For You"
  • "Find Someone Like You"