Any smoker worth their salt is likely recognizes BBC's Planet Earth, a rich series revealing the breathtaking scope of the Earth and its creatures. It's easy to get lost in the sheer mind-blowing nature of each episode, especially after a subtle buzz kicks in. It's no wonder that Snoop Dogg gravitated toward the series in the first place, having linked up with Jimmy Kimmel back in 2014 to bring forth Plizzanet Earth. A far cry from the soothing tones of David Attenborough, Snoop's take on the narration is a refreshing alternative.

Drawing from the season 2 episode "Cities," Snoop marvels as urban monkeys roam freely, "running this whole muthafu*kin town." "They got houses and everything," says Snoop, as the monkeys proceed to snatch food from unsuspecting merchants and pedestrians. It may not be as hilarious as previous installments, but it's nice to see Snoop once again getting in touch with nature. Hopefully, he can continue Plizzanet with an increased frequency, perhaps even holding it down for an entire episode. Someone get the BBC on the phone. 

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images