Snoop Dogg and Youngboy Never Broke Again have formed quite the unlikely friendship, hanging out on more than one occasion and becoming close. They likely have some new music coming as they've been spotted together several times during the quarantine, but last night, they found themselves in a bit of a tricky situation.

"Look who pulled me over, I got pulled over by the police and him," says Uncle Snoop, filming the encounter and motioning the camera over to a man who is dancing. There are no officers in sight but there are flashing lights going off behind them. "Good thing I know him or I'd be going to jail. I got the young homie with me riding. He ain't got nothing on him, I ain't got nothing on me. We good, let us go."

When Snoop turns the camera over to NBA Youngboy to introduce him to the frame, a couple of people are seen searching the vehicle while they remain seated. However, once again, they're not cops.

This was likely just a stunt pulled for a music video or for extra content on Snoop's ever-flowing IG page. 

What are you expecting from a Snoop Dogg x Youngboy Never Broke Again collaboration?