Arnold Schwarzenegger recently made the controversial decision to reduce the sentence of Esteben Nunez, a man serving 16 years for stabbing a college student to death. The reduction was made in Schwarzenegger's last day in office, and the former governor has admitted that it was done partially as a favor to California State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, the father of the convict as well as a friend of Schwarzenegger's. This happened in 2011, but the conversation was reopened last week after news broke that Nunez had been released from prison.

Naturally, many are outraged to see Nunez walk 10 years early from his sentence, and one of those expressing his displeasure with Schwarzenegger is none other than Snoop Dogg.

“How the fuck you gonna let this n*gga out of jail but you gonna kill Tookie Williams? Cause homeboy was your friend” said Snoop in an Instagram video, referring to the lethal injection ordered for early Crips leader Stanley Williams that took place while the former governor was in office. "You's one motherfucking racist piece of shit".

He later stressed that he would not take his videos down even if he was pressured to do so. View the four posts that address Schwarzenegger below.