As we wait on his Pharrell-produced album, BUSH, Snoop Dogg revealed that he has a major non-music project in the works. Snoop didn't perform at this year's SXSW, but he was a keynote speaker. For his keynote, he was interviewed by his longtime manager Ted Chung, and during their back-and-forth, Snoop revealed that he's currently working on an HBO TV series. 

The show is a collaboration between Snoop, who will serve as executive producer, Allen Hughes, the director of "Menace II Society", and Rodney Barnes, a writer on the animated show "The Boondocks". It will take place in 1980s Los Angeles and center on a family faced with the backlash of Reaganomics. Much of the subject matter will be inspired by Snoop's own adolescence, which he described as an incremental change from "having fun and playing football to selling drugs and shooting at each other."

He says of the opportunity: "This is like a dream come true, to tell a story in the right way on the right network." 

Who's excited to see Snoop's genius make its way to the small screen?