Snoop Dogg has been enjoying a productive 2017. Last summer, The Doggfather came through with the return-to-form album Neva Leftwhich found a rejuvenated Snoop collaborating with the likes of Rick Rock, Tray Dee, Devin The Dude, Redman, Method Man and more. In the interim, the legend has been spending some time enjoying the latest memes on Instagram, smoking weed and singing soulful classics, and clowning on Donald Trump at every given opportunity. On Sunday, Snoop uploaded what looked like an upcoming album cover, for a project titled Make America Crip Again.

"Oct 27 new snoop Dogg. 🔥🔥🔥🔌🇺🇸," captions Snoop, and while he never directly confirms that he's sitting on an album, it wouldn't be surprising. Snoop hasn't exactly slowed down on the musical tip, and there's no doubt that the Long Beach staple has a lot to say on the current state of the nation. And while Snoop is a near-unanimously respected figure in the game, his upcoming project is sure to cause controversy among the ardent Trump supporters and Bloods alike. And while both parties share an affinity for the color red, that's pretty much all they have in common. Still, Snoop's creative take on the notorious Trump hat is bound to draw a few thoughts from the President, if he suddenly gains the courage to stand up to rappers. 

Speaking of which, Snoop recently gave Eminem some props on Instgram over Em's Trump bashing cypher: "Yo, shoutout to Eminem for saying some real shit. Eminem: I always knew you was a real ni**a. We totally know you a real ni**a now. Shoutout to Eminem, Detroit stand up. Eminem, real muthafuckin' ni**a. So says Snoop Dogg."

While there's no official word on what to  expect from Make America Crip Again, we're bound to hear some new Snoop come October 27th.