Snoop Dogg took to Instagram just under 24 hours ago to point out a logical fallacy: what's been made of the Gucci ban several months after the blackface jumper hit the shelves rather unceremoniously. We've all heard Naomi Campbell defend the brand against zealotry, but even in her unilateral support, the luxury brand lacks the support of a Black American figure, other than Dapper Dan.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Unlike T.I. who made it a mission to publicly shame people wearing Gucci, Uncle Snoop's recent commentary concerning the boycott doesn't have the same authoritative tone. In fact, you might say Snoop is simply asking (for a friend), where to place the (ongoing) blame - and more importantly if he too would any repercussions should he choose to re-adorn himself in Gucci.

"I seen some n----s wearing Gucci the other day so is the ban off or not?" Snoop asked the Instagram massive. "Y'all gotta let me know because I got a buncha shit in here I ain't give away yet. N----s wearing Gucci again or not? Cuz y'all aint say nothing about the n----s that had it on the other night. If I wear it, y'all gone talk shit?"

There's isn't a governing board tasked with overseeing the boycott. And thus, Snoop Dogg has no intention of appointing himself in a position next to the ever-zealous T.I. By the looks of it, he'd much rather force accountability across the board by re-opening the conversation. To whom it may concern, how do you feel about the boycott in the present day?