As the United States continues to grow more and more divided with each fresh act of terrorism on home soil and each inadequate response the American public get from their leaders, it only stands to reason that social media users will use the online platforms to vent their frustrations, sometimes without warning. This approach isn't just relegated to your Average Joe's either - many celebrities are voicing their displeasure using Twitter and Instagram as well. Solange can count herself among those who are taking a stand against hatred and violence online.

As per Pitchfork, after his press conference yesterday where Donald Trump seemingly flip the switch on condemning the White Supremacist protesters that were behind the events that took place last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, the R&B singer took matters into her own hands. After revealing that she was going to be deleting her Twitter account, perhaps to escape from all of the vitriolic speech she was encountering on the platform, she first took pause to ask when her "new hero" Takiyah Thompson was going to be freed. Thompson, according to reports, as per a report from ABC, is a 22-year-old college student who was arrested for helping to pull down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina. 

After that question was floated out, Solange's Twitter account was deactivated, but she returned to social media shortly thereafter to share another, longer message on Instagram. "Been trying to study myself,” she wrote. "Been trying to practice self preservation during this time and not give racist ugly ass f**k bois who reek of citronella my energy so that I can preserve my spirit to perform this album. F**k white supremacists. F**k Nazis. F**k your stale ass bland ass monuments." She goes on to share a powerful anecdote about her son's introduction to the school system and how she might respond. "My son's first day of school has been in the midst of seeing these bulls— images that still tell him this system was built to be against him… thinking about demanding he not be required to take 'American History' because its deep dark rooted ugliness continues to live right now, right before our eyes." Many Americans would tell that she's not wrong.

Check out some screengrabs of her social media activity below.